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How to Buy a Laptop

Notebook PC’s technology, a notebook computer, or some are called a laptop, a portable computer, weighing about 1-3 kilograms, but before focusing on the development of speed. Some include the size of the screen. Currently, it has been developed to support the use of tablet forms. Supports touch-screen or writing with stylus pens

Today’s notebook technology is evolving. Each leading camp company has developed a computer in its own way, especially with Microsoft companies, when it is focused on the software. Nowadays, it has turned to develop computer races with Apple companies that have both software and hardware.

A laptop computer or a notebook that is a standard in the past. A 14-inch screen is mainly

Buying Guide for Laptops/Notebooks first recommends that you choose the screen size. If it is smaller than 14 inches (12 or 13 inches), it weighs up to 2 kilograms, but if the larger the weight is more than 2 kg. Sleeping (Regular, the screen size metering is measured diagonally from top to bottom, not a measure on the width or length of the screen.)

The second After the size of the screen and see what you want to use. If used to print the report for students Students are advised to choose the Intel Core-i3 CPU, but if you need more speed, choose Intel Core-i5 CPU or Core-I7 memory part. 4 GB or more recommended

The third Storage memory and programs, or that we call disk/Hard Disk, if there is a lot of memory in the terabyte level (1024 GB), it helps to keep a lot of programs, photos, or video.

Storage Memory Types

  1. Disk/Hard disk will be 5400/7200 around if the higher number of cycles is running faster than the Disk with a reading speed of less than
  2. Hybrid (Hard Disk) Composite to SSD)
  3. SSD (Solid State Drive) Works as quickly as possible.

How to Buy a TV

Don’t be surprised why to ask whether to buy a TV for use, how do I need a trick or a few tips on choosing to buy? On the outside, it is not much different, but if it is, it is necessary to get a good break. Let’s take a look at how the TV is different. How does the technology era

TV Technology

Current TV has evolved to be quite much. Observation from the outside and viewing with the naked eye, whether it is a larger size. A flat and thin screen or a TV that is almost borderless. In addition, the curved screen is already seen, but it’s even more impressive.

Buying a TV

  • Select a TV model that supports setup via remote control, which means we can tune a TV channel on one, and then repeat the TV channel via remote control to the TV. Other machines save time to set up TV individually.
  • SmartTV refers to a TV that can connect directly to the Internet. Play Facebook/Youtube directly or connect with a smartphone Additional apps can be installed as well as smartphones.
  • IPTV-compatible TV is to make TV With similar capabilities to your computer, the hotel’s information can be displayed at the time of opening a greeting. Show the cost of Hong.

More tips about SmartTV and IPTV

  • SmartTV supported TV may not support IPTV technology
  • Most IPTV-compatible TVs support a SmartTV.

How to Buy a Camera

For ease and ease of choosing to buy digital tattoo Let’s consider the answered separately, which can help us make the most of your choice. For the new hands, don’t express your mind. Choose an expensive camera It is thought that the camera is very easy to capture. It’s not as easy as I think.

  • Budget is very important for choosing to make a decision to purchase the camera because if the budget is not a lot (tens of baht or more) to buy a DSLR, it’s completely right, so it needs to go to a compact camera instead.
  • Demand if the budget is not a problem, let’s explore the needs of yourself as the details are:
  1. Compact camera, easy to carry. Open the photo pup immediately if the estimate needs, you must say the compact camera is the answer.
  2. A camera that can be shot at a professional level and want to learn really shooting. DSLR camera is a professional camera that a photographer needs.
  • The main feature of the camera, whether it is a compact camera or a DSLR camera, one thing that we can choose is the camera feature, which will affect the price and up to the camera’s quality. Camera Features
  • The image sensor or great image sensor The price is great.
  • Resolution of shooting such as 12 megapixels, 20 megapixels, etc.
  • Zoom or magnify the image If good, look at the main optical zoom because it is actually zoomed. The image is still clear, not a digital zoom that makes the image size smaller.

Smartphone Features Required

Familiar ‘s smartphone for trendy people No, he cannot speak with anyone, but nowadays. The development of a brand-high-performance smartphone is very competitive. Each brand tries to develop the difference and it is its own advantage, but for familiar; users, we have the ability to purchase the smartphone to make value for money. Will this article introduce Smartphone features? That we should consider before Are you in the version we want?

  • Internet connection via 3g
  • Internet connection via the internet
  • Rear Camera
  • Front camera (for self-portraits or video Call)
  • Support for downloading Phoem apps
  • Multi-touch screen touchscreen (tap order more than one finger)
  • Supports multi-task (enable more than one app)

Features (more) that should be on smartphones

  • Screen protector (no adhesive)
  • The screen is at least 4 inches larger (anti-eye problem).
  • GPS allows for easy access to maps and other gaming
  • Supports 3g connection every network 850, 900, 1800, and 2100
  • Supports NFC technology makes it easier for your phone to connect to other devices.
  • Better Voice Command support
  • Dual-or higher-core specification (better quad-core) 1GB or more The lower the machine is quite a flatulence.
  • If the remaining money is recommended, purchase a 4g LTE compatible version (for Speed Internet connection).

In addition, each brand It’s a good practice to offer your own developed add-on apps so that they look different, but if you’re using an open operating system like Android, it’s no different. Closed iPhone No other brands are allowed to sell.

Memory is rarely a problem for most smartphones because it can be added manually except for the iPhone, so it is important to consider and compare it. We can leave a file on free space on the go, or we’ve ever heard the word Cloud try to see it. It’s really useful for everyone who works in the digital world.

Innovative with light bulb technology

Lamp Story We’ve heard you’ve seen an ad about saving electricity using a lamp-saving bulb, chopsticks, but today. There is another type of energy saving, which is LED light, but if it is recommended to use LED bulbs for energy saving alone, it is not suitable for our trendy technology site. This article introduces LED lighting bulbs that cannot be changed in color and controlled via Wi-Fi. It also saves a lot of energy.

  • LED Light Bulbs
  • Can be adjusted to meet your needs.
  • Can be changed according to the desired color. 640,000 color (change mood)
  • Control via Remote control
  • Smartphone controlled via Wi-Fi
  • Supports the control with iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android
  • Supports installation as zone 4 separate zones
  • 50,000 hours lifetime
  • Easy to install, with a standard twist of 27 mm or E27.
  • Get CE ROHS standard.

How to select Headphones

The headset selection has key points that we can’t overlook, such as Housing, earpad, sound clarity, etc. We’ll look at how to choose headphones.

Housing or the headphone cover is an external section and is the storage of a tightly-closed housing driver that will give you different sound emotions. We’ll explain the two different Housing differences.

  • If used in the outdoor, select a tightly sealed Housing.
  • If used in the room, choose an open Housing.

Select the type of Earpad

  • Around-Ear provides a snug, wearable feel.
  • On-Ear, just touch the ears.

Select from the connection

For headphones with a Bluetooth connection, it’s best to listen to music without wires. In addition, a Bluetooth connection may cause a sound from the headphone to occur. A delay may not be suitable for use in a game of sound, but for those who prefer to use this type of headphones, it’s a real game. Try to find a codec that supports the AAC or a set of code to convert an aptX to a more precise, or even switch to a wired headset.

How to Buy The Home Audio

A cozy home with a small family is a great place to stay. If your home has a good set of sounds, you’ll be able to turn it on when you relax with your family. Today we have some good tips on buying a home color machine. From the experience of people in the leading audio industry

They will set the default settings for DVD, watch disks, listen to watching TV and listen to the radio, but can be customized to meet all your needs.

This article will share with you 5 practical tips that you can use in stores for the stereo amplifier at home so that you can save time and money.

  1. Clearly define your specific requirements before starting the search for your stereo amplifier. The size, capacity, and model of each amplifier, varies according to the specific requirements.
  2. The quality of the home machine is based on the output power and the quality of the sound.
  3. Review the comments on the items that have been posted on the website to help you get the advantages of the disadvantages of the home machine.
  4. View price comparison website
  5. For the best inner amps, stereo units you can find The Home audio kit is the most power and flexibility so it can keep pace with the technology and time.

What is The Best Choice For Door Lock?

Many people are going to own the condo or are having trouble forgetting the keys. The most interesting choice would be to flee from the Digital door lock, which currently is very popular because it is up to date. Easy to use. The safety story is barely a key door to forget.

What are the different ways of Digital door lock?

  1. Keys are available in Digital door lock every computer. Maybe surprised why the Digital door lock still requires a key. Key for emergency opening. In case digital Dorsett lock does not work normally, such as built battery, or you forget the forgotten password, the fingerprint card does not work.
  2. Digital door lock unlocked by pushing a code. For unlocking with almost any keystrokes, you can put it in the digital door lock because it is a basic unlock that is available. In other cases, the other is not available. Digital Dorsett Lock, almost all number codes can be set to multiple series. You can set a temporary code for the guest.
  3. Digital Door Lock using Keycard. In addition to pushing the code into Digital door lock, the key card is another way to unlock the trailer for almost any device. This is to provide you with the convenience of working. In the case of a friend or mom, I come to visit the room. They will be able to access your room without remembering any codes.
  4. Digital Door Lock fingerprint scanner. The Digital door lock fingerprint scan is another simple and modern option as well. No need to be afraid of the fingerprint, because new models are made of milling. Your fingers at the sensor, even if this function is very safe and easy, it may be a disadvantage of the issue, not just by air. It’s also tricky to keep your friends or parents from opening the door yourself.
  5. Digital Door Lock for all scans. You can’t read it. It has a digital Indore that can be scanned to open the door with of whatever we have set up. Whether it’s a mobile card or a bottle of Digital door lock, we’ll keep a good idea of what. Because the sensor’s operation is not known, it may be an error when a scan object is unexpected.
  6. Digital door lock for mobile unlock. It really says it’s not a mobile phone. Because the unlocking of the digital Dorsett lock is unlocked through Application, it means you can unlock the remote. Du, it’s quite close to Smart home, but something to think about is that this device must be connected to the Internet at all times. Your phone must not be built battery completely and you must be a real mobile man.

What a Printer Knows About

Learn about the different types of printers you (might) still unknown.

A printer or computer language called a printer is a peripheral device (referred to as a computer) to order to print the image data from a program or computer software to a paper or other printable material, such as a CD. How many types of printers are there?

The printer may not have been developing much because the current features can be printed in full detail, but the printer type is divided into three types of printing:

Type of printers

  1. Needle printers (Dot Matrix printer) This type of printer The print time is most loud. Print time will use the needle to knock down the ink and come out as letters or images according to the instructions of the application. Suitable for printing jobs that require a copy.
  2. Ink-Blasting printer (Inkjet printer) is the printer that uses the main spraying process like spraying water through the hole of the printhead? The ink is usually separated into 4 colors, which is black, red, blue, which is a colored mother. Different color printing is a combination of colors to match the colors we want to print. Nowadays, this ink-blasting printer is currently the most popular, especially at home, because it is cheap and significant is the ability of color printing that provides a very sharp image. It can be used to replace the image from the photo store.
  3. Laser printer (laser printer) This type of printer Use laser technology to print Use Toner to print The results are quite fast among the above printers. Quiet audio, typing time and quality are considered very good.